Monday, January 4, 2016

Crazy week...

Well this week was eventful...It sounds like you all heard about our little adventure..So we were coming down road 29 and a women in her car had gotten stuck in the middle of the road and another guy had pulled over to help her. If we would have hit them, the man would at least be dead. So Elder Conrad tried to go around them but the black ice was to much and we we straight off the road, like a rocket. The canyon wall was much steeper then Farmington Canyons, you can't really tell in the pictures. The Fire Department said we should have rolled, we went between 2 huge tree's that would have caused the Airbags to deploy, through a cow fence, 2 small pine tree's 60 feet to the canyon floor. Talk about a ride! By the time we hiked back up the fire dept. was there, then a lady slipped and hit her head so the ambulance was treating her..So now we have to L.D.S missionaries that just drove off a cliff, traumatic injury to the head, and 3 cars stuck on the road was chaos. Then After all this, the cop gave us a ride home and he went of the road and got stuck! So we had to dig him out tool...I went and layed on the couch for an hour thinking "....that just happened.." We were very blessed and know angels were protecting the women in the road and us. Our truck recorded us going off the road at about 15 miles per hour.

Also this week we did exchanges with the Zone Leaders up in Durango, we spent the night up there and then went to our Zone meeting in the morning at the Durango Steak Center! We were tracting and the spirit told us to go to this we knocked and it was a college foreign exchange student house.........I think the Holy Ghost was playing a prank on us or something cuz it didn't work out with the language barrier;) New years was....uneventful considering we got slapped with a 5:30 Curfew:P We basically watched Bible Videos all night and ate top ramen;) 

Red Got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!! It was soooooo cool!!!!! Haha so we stepped down into the water and the drain had been leaking...It took me not once, not twice, not three time, but four times to fully submerge him! The last one I had to go under with him to make sure:P On New Years day the disctrict got together and the senior couples house and played some games. I LOVE my district, they are seriously the funnest greatest people in the world. Sister Monson is from Holiday Utah, no she's not related to the prophet although she calls him uncle tommy;) Haha the new sister is from Grants, Elder Conrad is from Kaysville and then Elder Lethco is from Sacremento, and his comp is from Boise! I love them all!!

One of the ward members passed away so we went over to their house to give them a blessing and it was pretty cool, alot of the household arnt members and we're gonna start teaching them soon! This week was just a blast and zoomed by!

I love you all so very much! I pray for you all every night!

Red got baptized!

Where two LDS missionaries drive off a canyon...and survive

No, we are not in the ambulance, but the sheriff did give us a ride back home

We got a new Tacoma...:)

New Years Eve 1

New Years Eve 2

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