Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Jason didn't email today because we had Skyped the day before on Christmas. He did send out a Christmas card that made us all laugh! Seeing him in person (on the computer monitor) was wonderful! It was so great talking to him and he is so happy with the work he is doing and excited about his new area in Shiprock, New Mexico. The bishop and his wife in Shiprock sent me a text, along with some pictures of Jason and the other Shiprock Elders having dinner at the bishop's house. The members take such good care of the missionaries. On Christmas Eve day Brother and Sister Craig took Jason and his companion out for lunch. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ya'tehee Ki'shmish!

Ya'tehee Ki'shmish!
We did A LOT of service this week and 100% of it was chopping wood. We spent all day preparing for a "huge" winter storm that never yeah, that was disappointing....but I lived it vicariously by watching it snow on the Sleeping Ute in Cortez;) It's weird being so close to my old area! I miss it and the people so much! That's really such an amazing blessing about a mission are all the wonderful people you grow to love. I received an email this week that Jennifer and Leo from Winslow got baptized and I am sooo excited about it!! 
We have spent a lot of time training and teaching in preparation for the Native American Initiative headed by the first presidency. Cool story. So you know how the children of Lehi are blossoming everywhere else in the world but America? Well, Elder Andersen created the Native American Initiative with the other apostles and they brought it to President Monson. President Monson went and prayed about the Natives and this initiative intended to get them to "blossom" and came back and said, "Bretheren, it's time." HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! Jesus Christ has directed His Church to move forward with this program to gather the children of Lehi back into the His fold. What a great blessing to be a part of this work! I know God lives and I know Jesus is the Messiah! Merry Christmas!

Love, Elder Anderson

Brother and Sister Chipman live across the street from me and are now serving in my mission!

Monday, December 12, 2016

So many blessings!!

We've been so blessed this week. The work has been hard and it seems as though every ounce of opposition that the devil can muster against us has been thrown at us from every direction, even some members. For a while we were really down but the best part about being a missionary is you’re are entitled to Revelation, and we received, and we killed it this week! We found so many people to teach in amazing ways. We were tracting down in the boondock and found this old shed and decided to try it, Ray Tyler 25-year-old guy and his 2 daughters were there. He explained how he thought God had abandoned him and didn't know whether to "try Jesus" or the medicine man. We explained to him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the simplicity, power and beauty it possesses to save all of Gods children who come unto His Son. Oh my goodness that room was filled with the Holy Ghost and I physical watched the Light of Christ, which had been dormant for so long, fill his soul with peace. He had so many questions and even tried praying for his first time ever without using corn pollen or peyote or was so cool!

Rufus Billy, our investigator who was on date for the 31st got really sick and ended up in the hospital, he's probably going to have to be pushed back to a later date to make sure he's ready for the Baptismal covenant. We were able to serve him a lot though! Wood…it is like everything here, it's the main source of welfare and if a person like totally hates you and wants to kill you, all you have to say is "can we chop some wood for you?" BAM! They love us, hearts are softened and it leaves room for a discussion...It's kind of weird going tracting with a maul and an axe, but man it works!!! The Gospel is true and I know in time, the entire Navajo Nation will blossom like a's just gonna take a lot of choppin woods;)
-Elder Anderson

Monday, December 5, 2016

Rez Life know...I was thinking...and I think I've had weirder, random and strange events happen to me in the last 2 weeks on the Rez than in my entire life…like I could write a book, it's a different world! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Like for instance, last night I had to literally shove a drunk guy through the window to his house because the door was locked and he would have died, he asked us very politely...well it turns out drunk guys don't have great coordination, so we basically stuffed Arnold through the window and looked in to see him just piled up on himself upside down leaning against the TV.... with his feet sticking up...shoot... "Arnold get up man your gonna hurt your neck!" 
Arnold: "Dang...I forgot this TV was here....nah I'm just gonna sleep here." We said a prayer with him and he finally laid on the floor to go to bed...don't worry, he's one of our investigators so we know it's his house and we checked on him again. That’s just one of many random stories that happens daily on the Rez. Or the other night I woke up to a horse screaming at us through our he was at our window...literally....or when we're chased by 15 wild dogs that have basically just bread with Coyotes and other dogs and just hate us...I could honestly write a's so epic.
ON THE OTHER HAND… This place is so Spiritual, like the veil is so thin here it's crazy, in a good way and bad way. But the members here are so so sweet and just want to do good and just love the Missionaries. I felt a lot better about church this week too. We got some wonderful investigators there and they had a great experience. Elder Van Meter and I had a cool experience tracting out in the country (Hogan hunting) and we walked up to this guy who just wanted NOTHING to do with us, he was mean and declared he was a peyote drinker and had his own ways so we just pulled out a pass along card of Jesus and he immediately changed and said "that is the same picture my father showed me when he was converted to God, it changed his life and mine, come on in." Soo cool, and George (his name) is very elect! 
I think the biggest growth though has been within us as the 4 missionaries living in the Shiprock trailer, one of the missionaries here experienced a terrible family tragedy and we all felt the repercussions of it, but at the same time the Lord did not leave his servants alone. It was a week of prayer, fasting and revelation as we all received a personal witness of the Great Plan of Happiness that our wonderful Father in Heaven has created for us, and through the Messiah Jesus Christ, made it possible. 
Love you all!
-Elder Anderson
D&C 28:8

No pictures from Jason this week, but I took a screen shot of a post by his new companion's mom I found on the New Mexico, Farmington Mission page :)