Monday, December 7, 2015

I Love My Mission!!

Heyo!! So today I'm up in Durango!!! It's so pretty!!!! We spent the night with the zone leaders so one of the other elders and I could practice singing and playing the guitar for the Christmas devo! Apparently a general authority is gonna be there so let's hope we don't mess up;) This week was so cool! We got this crazy ex Hells angels rider on date for baptism, Garry asked me to Baptize him, I dedicated a home, I scared my companion so bad he thought he was gonna die and he had to sleep with the lights on. We also did service and went to the Cortez parade:) such a cute little small town;) I would hate to live in Durango...this apostate town is gonna burn, all the college girls flirt with you and you just wanna jump in front of a bus...I miss my cute little town of Delores<3 So far I've taken close to 200,000 steps since I landed in Colorado:) 

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