Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello from the mountains!

Wow oh wow did we get lots of snows!! All the blizzards like shut down everything so we ended up walking! Christmas was sooo fun! Because of the weather up in Dolores we got to spend Christmas eve with the Cortez Elders:) Christmas morning we all went as a district to eat breakfast and then went to our senior missionaries house to open presents! We got a new sister from Grants, Utah, she's awesome! It was really cool, I was really down and homesick on Christmas but you could literally feel the Savior with you the whole day, like he knew that his missionaries would miss home and he was right there to be our family. 
YESTERDAY I BAPTIZED GARRY!!!! Ahh it was soo cool!!!!!:):) He was so worried that I wouldn't be able to pick him back up that he made another member help me...-_- I'm not that fat:P But oh man it was Awesome!!! Garry is the one in the middle of us, Ken Savage is the scary rough looking one! Haha he got baptized a couple weeks ago and he's the best. Literally Ken is the scariest person I've ever met but the coolest. He's an Ex Navy Seal, Ex Mafia, He was raised in the polygamist cult and beat the crud out of his dad and ran away to his LDS grandparents where they raised him.. Mom, Dad you think I'm bad? haha:) just one story from his childhood...

Kens neighbor made him mad so Ken first, went and stole a tractor, dug a 14 ft hole in the ground 20 feet long. Then Stole his neighbors brand new F-150 drove it into the hole left it running and dug it one ever found the truck:P Haha but he's repented and is just the greatest! He's the one that took Garry in from the Walmart Parking lot and let him live with him!!

Cool right!!

Love, Elder Anderson

Garry got baptized!

Christmas in Cortez instead of Delores because of blizzard :)

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