Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hey Fam :)

Holy cow I cant believe Tyler was that sick!! Mom I eat at a members house almost every night and I don't need any extra money, and ill be thinking of Christmas Ideas. I've decided it takes to much time to write the group email and I just want to focus on family so you can feel free to update what you want on the blog. The computers I use wont let me receive any videos or send them :/ Thank you for the pictures tho, please keep sending them. Mathew I cant wait to see the crazy designs you come up with for the Christmas lights, you get to do anything you want if your willing to put the work in! Don't fall out of the tree;) 
Bryan my zone is HUUGE so I hardly see any of them. We do have one set of Elders that we can go play basketball with at the gym but that's about it. The ZL's area is in Durango like an hour and a half away. My district leader is in the next ward over so we hang out with him every P day. I don't have an iPad but I've been diligently writing in my journal every day! I can't believe the success your having...
Everywhere I look there is physical evidence of The Book of Mormons. The natives have a very sacred ceremony that is similar to the temple and they wear similar clothing and only certain people can go. There's a picture on a ruin of the tree of life, tons of stories about a god that walked the America's. And EVERY single native, knows that the Book of Mormon is an account of their genealogy, they just think that we stole it from their stories and wrote it much more proof can you get? All of there teachings are very very similar to the churches, things have been skewed and broken over a thousand years tho. So the area I'm in is apparently infested with cougars and bears and there was a bear in our driveway the other night. There's always cougar tracks around too, kind of interesting;) I spent 21 hours this week chopping wood...literally almost everyone up here still uses wood stoves, so everyone in the ward goes into the mountains to chop/haul/split wood...i am now very good at it;) On Saturday we had a convoy of dump trucks and trailers going into the mountains to get 12 or so chords of wood (that's a lot). After 7 hours we tried moving the dump truck but it had sunk into the ground....It took 3 trucks at the same time to pull that thing out.
I'm so excited to hear about your new job mom:) 

Kyden and Brooklyn I miss you and love you so much! Every night I get to look at all the amazing pictures you drew me! I live in the snowy mountains right now and there are lots of Elk and Deer around me! You both did amazing in your primary program. I love you and miss you lots and I'm having lots of fun serving Heavenly Father!



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