Monday, October 26, 2015

First email!!

Well...I made it to Sunday, which is when everyone told me things would start speeding up! But honestly I've been having so much fun!! The first real night I was here I was assigned as the District Leader for district 29! I've loved this calling because it gives me an even greater capacity of love for my missionaries then ever before. I've already given several Sister Missionaries priesthood blessings and have been able to coach and love them all through they're trials! My companion's name is Elder Rice, he's from a small town in Oregon called Verionia! He looks like James Franco and we get along so well! So far we're the only elders in our district to commit the "investigator" Mike to baptism. It's all practice of course but the spirit really lets you feel like everything is so real!!!
I really love the MTC because of the spirit, I've never truly realized how much Christ is the center of all things we teach. People say the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion and I think this statement is wrong, It's Jesus Christ. I've truly been able to feel his love for me as I slowly convert my heart and soul over to his work. The first few days were all about me, but now It's all about my district, my companion, my investigators and most importantly Jesus Christ! I made my companion join the Choir so we can sit in the front row for when the general authority comes this week! 

Haha sorry that got cut in half, but anyways we're actually pretty good singers;)  My branch president is president Gines! One of the counselors wife is a famous church actor and shes like our MTC mom! She's the mother that plays in the Cokeville miracle and shes also in 17 miracles and a list of other movies! She's just the best!! Well I love you all and my testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ has already grown to a capacity I myself don't Understand. All I can wrap my mind around is his character, when things happen that normal people would turn inwards to protect themselves, he turns outwards! I love this Gospel and I cant wait to shout it from the rooftops for 2 years!!!!!

Elder Anderson