Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July in Durango was crazy...

Well...the 4th of July in Durango was crazy...I would venture to say the city doubled in population. We literally had to flee into the mountains away from all the alcohol and partying. We just visited members up the canyon and had a good time keeping ourselves unspotted from the world:)

The week definitely had its ups and downs, but that’s the definition of missionary work! Our wonderful investigator who we thought was doing really well slammed the door in our face so that felt good. BUT on the other hand, we've been teaching a younger man and he came to church with his family and had a really great time!

It's a very humbling experience when you are a part of someone’s journey into the Gospel. Seeing them begin a relationship with their Savior, watching them walk into the Lords Church for the first time in their life with a feeling of curiosity and wonder, to sit with them as they experience the overwhelming Spirit of the Sacrament, or to kneel with them as they pray to their Father in Heaven for the first time in their life. You literally take this journey with them, you weep with them and rejoice with them, your right there as they experience the pain and joy of true repentance, you truly have the opportunity to watch Jesus Christ transform them into something so much more than what they thought they could be. 

I just stand amazed as I witness the Savior still perform his miracles every day. And I know as you slow down and turn around to look at your life yesterday or the week before, you'll recognize His miracles and majesty in your own life. I know He lives.

Love you all!
-Elder Anderson

Monday, July 3, 2017

The moral of this story is not to judge a person by looks, habits, personality or religion...

Well, things are really starting to speed up! I always have a time period when I get to a new area that is spent implementing previous things I’ve learned, new ideas and meeting/getting to know the ward. So the first couple weeks for me are always a little slow, but they WILL speed up! It’s already starting to happen!

While we were walking around on Wednesday, we met a lady sitting outside with a friend…the moral of this story is not to judge a person by looks, habits, personality or religion. MANY, MANY members of the Church make the mistake of pre-judging someone “Oh he’s very Catholic so I won’t bother.” “Oh he smokes and lives with his girlfriend.” “Oh he looks like a serial killer.” WE CAN’T DO THAT.  I learned with this lady. Honestly, I wanted to just move on, every part of her dress, attitude and demeanor said… “Don’t talk to me about religion.” But as we started talking to her it was like something opened up inside of her, she lit up! She started asking a lot of questions, the next thing we knew she was asking where/when we go to Church and committed to read the Book of Mormon. We went back and taught her family again, she has kids that have been asking her questions about death and evil that she didn’t know how to answer and now she does!

Just lots of neat little experiences happening. I truly believe working with the members is the key to success in an area and that’s what we’ve really been working on and we’re already starting to see success! We were also able to help out a little bit with a forest fire that threatened some members in our ward, we were actually on a pre-evacuation notice for 2 days because the fire was about a mile away from our house in the mountains! All in all, another good week!
This place is gorgeous, there are bears EVERYWHERE, I almost hit one the other night with the truck.

Keep me in your prayers! Love you all!!!
-Elder Anderson